We aim to develop novel energy materials that are essential for the next generation electrical energy storage and conversion. We perform fundamental research on understanding how the interplay between surface chemistry and electrochemical potential directs the formation, transformation and stabilization of energy materials, and developing innovative approaches to synthesize materials with structure and property controlled across multiple length scale.We further study the energy applications of these novel materials by assembling and testing various electrochemical devices such as batteries and fuel cells. Some applications that we are currently interested in are high energy density rechargeable batteries that use multivalent ions as the charge carrier, and electrocatalysts that could efficiently convert electricity into chemicals and energy-dense liquid fuels.

Research Facilities 

Electrochemical studies

MBraun Glovebox Neware Battery Analyzer
MBraun LABstar dual user glove box, operated under ultra high pure argon atmosphere and used for electrolyte preparation, battery assembly and analysis Neware battery analyzer with 5.0V and 1mA/10mA current ranges

Pine Bipotentiostat Rotating electrodes
Pine Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat (WaveDrive 20) Pine electrode rotator (WaveVortex)
CH Instruments Rotating electrodes
CH Instruments electrochemical workstation for electrochemical testing and analysis Tenney TJR environmental chamber, capable of temperature control from -60°C to 170°C and used for battery testing at different temperatures

hydraulic crimper manual crimper
Hydraulic crimper for crimping coin cells inside glovebox Hand crimper for crimping coin cells outside of glovebox, mainly used for aqueous batteries

Materials characterizations

Micromeritics Keithley SourceMeter
Micromeritics Tristar surface area and porosity analyzer, and Micromeritics FlowPrep Keithley SourceMeter and Lucas Labs resistivity testing stand equipped with a four probe head, used to study electric conductivity of energy materials

Conductivity/pH meter TBA
Metler-Toledo conductivity and pH meter TBA

Materials synthesis and processing

Tube Furnace Brooks flow meter
Lindberg/Blue tube furnace for material synthesis and processing under controlled temperature and atmosphere Brooks mass flowmeter and readout, combined with the tube furnace to provide accurate control of gas flow

Vulcan box furnace SPEX 8000M Mill
Vulcan 3-550 box furnace, for hydrothermal/solvothermal synthesis, also used for calcination of materials in air SPEX SamplePrep 8000M Mixer/Mill for high energy ball milling, for material synthesis and modification. We have three grinding jars (SPEX 8001, 8005 and 8009) for different purposes

Rolling Press eppendorf centrifuge
single pass rolling mill to prepare and calender electrodes Eppendorf centrifuge with F-34-6-38 rotor

syringe pump syringe-pump.jpg
Yamato ADP300C vacuum drying oven Cole-Parmer Dual-channel syringe pump